I have been a patient of Dr. Richard Holub for over ten years. As a person in my seventies, I've known my fair share of doctors! Dr. Holub is distinct in many important ways.

In addition to being an exceptional medical practitioner, Dr. Holub is a scientist and scholar who has conducted over 100 research studies and clinical trials. Thus, Dr. Holub not only contributes to the overall medical knowledge base but his treatment protocols are informed by contemporary research outcomes. This is highly unusual for practicing physicians and adds immeasurably to the unique expertise Dr. Holub brings to his patients.

Despite his experience and superb reputation. Dr. Holub is modest and totally unselfish with his time. His demeanor is delightful yet his kindness in no way clouds his very serious analysis of medical issues.

I trust Dr. Holub implicitly; our community is indeed fortunate to have this extraordinary doctor as a resource. Michael H.