We are very happy with the attention and service that Dr. Holub provides Mrs. R. We feel that he truly has her best interests at heart. He cares for our family as if he was a part of it. Dr. Holub's research team has perfected the balance between caring for their patients as if they're family and completing all of the requisite duties necessary to care for the patients and families. Furthermore, Dr. Holub's practice offers door to door service - there is always a staff member ready to help us into the office from the car and back out after the visit. Dr. Holub's office is more like going to a friend's home for treatment than a hospital or other clinic - it is very comfortable and welcoming. This makes it much easier for patients to feel relaxed while they're being treated. Overall, being involved in a clinical trial with Dr. Holub has been a most rewarding experience. Nancy R.