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Sunny Buchman’s “Precious Window of Time: Our Journey with Alzheimer’s Disease” is the true story of a local couple (Sunny and Paul Buchman) that has universal application. Mr. Buchman was a patient of Dr. Holub’s for several years and both Mr. and Mrs. Buchman wanted other people in similar situations to gain from their experiences. Their book is simultaneously an inspirational and straightforward guide for caregivers. It speaks to the realities of Alzheimer’s Disease with a focus on the positive side and offers practical suggestions for strategies that allowed the Buchmans to continue to live happily together in a joyous and mutually rewarding relationship.

Some brief excerpts from the book follow. Anyone wishing to purchase a copy of the book should contact:

The Alzheimer’s Association of NENY
4 Pine West Plaza, Suite 405
Albany, NY 12205
518 867-4999 ext.303

All proceeds from the sale of the book directly through Alzheimer’s Association of NENY are donated to the Alzheimer’s Association of NENY. Purchases through alternate purveyors significantly reduce the amount donated.

“…I made up my mind that whatever number of years that Paul and I had left, we would live them in a positive way…I learned that every person’s journey with the disease will be different. But there are many tools that will be helpful to everyone…By focusing on positive “ings,” such as loving, hugging, touching, laughing, accepting, Paul and I have turned what could easily have been the worst years of our lives into the best years of our lives.Yes, the changes brought about by Alzheimer’s disease can be devastating, or they can be a time to grow even closer together. Every day presents with an opportunity, and the “ings” in life provide us with the tools…There is a positive side…”