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Research in Alzheimer’s disease is moving at a rapid pace. At the Alzheimer\'s Research and Treatment Center at Neurological Associates of Albany we have been engaged in the process of Alzheimer’s disease research for over 30 years. All five drugs which have been FDA approved for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease have been studied at our Research Office. Unfortunately for over 10 years we have not had a new approved treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

We are now engaged in a new program with a new research medication with a new approach which is open to patients who are already on a current Alzheimer’s disease treatment in the form of donepezil, also called Aricept.

It is one thing to delve into the science of Alzheimer’s disease, identify potential research treatment targets, develop medications to reach those treatment targets, and to design a clinical trial. However, none of this effort would be of any benefit if we do not have patient volunteers. There will be no benefit unless the Alzheimer’s community comes together and participates in these clinical trials and joins in the effort to move our knowledge and understanding and treatments forward. As research advances, patients benefit, society benefits, the next generation our children and grandchildren all benefit. The best way forward, to enable everyone to benefit, is for everyone to consider joining in, and participating.


Please come and join us at The Desmond, March23rd, at 5:00 PM, for this important event.