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“A doctor and nurse team from the Alzheimer\'s Research and Treatment Center at Neurological Associates of Albany clinic will travel to St. Petersburg, Russia, next month to meet with principal investigators (PIs) about TauRx Therapeutics’ global phase III clinical trial for mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. They are invited guests to help share their experience in preparation for the study’s launch in Russia. Dr. Richard Holub, a neurologist and a leading PI for the TauRx clinical research study, and Sue Brignull, a nurse specialist, have screened and enrolled more than 30 patients into TauRx Therapeutics’ trials since they launched in the U.S. in late 2012. TauRx Therapeutics invited them to speak about the nuts and bolts of conducting this trial, identifying eligible patients and supporting participants in their journey through the clinical research process. Holub has been asked to provide insights and advice on diverse issues from the screening process through study completion.”

CW Weekly February 10, 2014