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Don’t miss Dr. Holub’s upcoming WAMC radio appearance on March 9, 2017 1-2 p.m.! For more details, see below:


This Thursday, March 9, 2017, from 1 to 2 p.m., Dr. Holub will be participating in WAMC Northeast Public Radio’s “In Conversation” program. During the previously recorded show, Dr. Holub will be covering the latest treatment and research related to Alzheimer’s disease.

If you or your loved one are experiencing memory problems, you do not want to miss this program! Tune in to stay informed about Alzheimer’s disease.

You can tune into the broadcast online during or after the show at or through any of the radio stations listed below:

WAMC, 90.3 FM
Albany NY

WAMC, 1400 AM
Albany, NY

WAMK, 90.9 FM
Kingston, NY

WOSR, 91.7 FM
Middletown, NY

WCEL, 91.9 FM
Plattsburgh, NY

WCAN, 93.3 FM
Canajoharie, NY

WANC, 103.9 FM
Ticonderoga, NY

WRUN-FM, 90.3 FM
Remsen-Utica, NY

WAMQ, 105.1 FM
Great Barrington, MA

WWES, 88.9 FM
Mt.Kisco, NY

WANZ, 90.1 FM
Stamford, NY

W280DJ, 103.9 FM
Beacon, NY

W248AN, 97.3 FM
Cooperstown, NY

W243BZ, 96.5 FM
Ellenville, NY

W271BF, 102.1 FM
Highland, NY

W246BJ, 97.1 FM
Hudson, NY

W295AA, 106.9FM
Middletown, NY

W215BG, 90.9 FM
Milford, PA

W299AG, 107.7 FM
Newburgh, NY

W257BL, 99.3 FM
Oneonta, NY

W226AC, 93.1 FM
Rensselaer-Troy, NY

W296BD, 107.1FM
Warwick, NY