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Alzheimer’s Preparedness

Knowledge is power. Learn everything you can about your/your family member’s illness.

1. early onset Dementia albany nyGet Informed  – Dr. Holub, as your neurologist, will help you sort through the significance of various available resources.

2. Professional Assessment – While Dr. Holub’s initial evaluation and assessment is an important first step, he views the patient/physician relationship as a partnership.

3. Treatment – As your neurologist, Dr. Holub believes that once a diagnosis is established the first step of treatment is to prescribe FDA approved medication. Once patients are stable for several months on such medications, he will then offer participation in relevant clinical research programs to interested patients and family members.

After initial assessments Dr. Holub’s integrative team provides assistance and guidance re all aspects of life affected by the disease including, but not limited to, individual counseling and written resource materials specific to each individual patient’s and family’s needs.

4. Review and select Care Partners: Dr. Holub’s integrative team is here for your support and needs beyond those of direct medical questions.

Remember ~ you can live long and well with Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia ~ maintain a healthy diet, exercise your body and your mind, the disease does not have to be debilitating.