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    What is clinical research? Clinical research involves experimental studies to determine the safety and effectiveness of medical treatments. Clinical trials rely on the participation of volunteers and involve a research team...
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    Alzheimer's Research and Neurology Center at Neurological Associates of Albany is committed to the highest level of care for all of our patients. Patients who are enrolled in our studies have access...
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& Related Dementias

Alzheimer’s disease is the deterioration of brain cells over time, which causes problems with thinking, behavior, and...

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Our MISSION is to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease in our lifetime through the pursuit of collaborative research and treatment options.

Our Method:

To raise public awareness regarding Alzheimer’s disease and memory disorders through outreach, education and treatment.

To identify new models for care and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease through research.

To advocate for patients with memory disorders, as well as to support their families and caregivers.